Scotty  Celestial Flintlock Beam Me Up




Date Whelped: December 14, 2004

AKC Registration: WS11273802

(Skamania Celestial Hum " V " x
CH Celestial Madonna Mia)



Scotty was a large boned boy. He was very sweet and a patient with the girls. It took him a long time to get the hang of showing but he always tried and had a good time with me. He was a goofy boy and we lost him far to young.



July 23, 2007


Today we let Scotty go. His tumor was getting too large and he was getting so tired. Helping him on his way was the very least we could do for our little man. I can call him my beloved without reservation and that would be far short of the love he showed me. If it is possible for a dog to hold its breath Scotty would hold his whenever we were apart--even for the shortest of times. Everything he did he did out of complete love for me--it was always clear on his face. If I spent too much time working at my computer without looking at him I would get a lecture from him until I stopped and gave up the requisite amount of loving. If I coughed he was right there checking to make sure it was all ok. Today he kissed my tears away while we waited at the vet.


Someone recently told me that each dog comes to us for a reason. If Duncan taught us to love this breed and Kirk has brought to us the love of the sport, I can say that Scotty certainly taught me to have patience. How to pay attention to the other end of leash and how to work as a team. We worked very hard to become a team and it was finally coming together. I was so proud of him at Bucks. He worked as hard as he could for me and we were rewarded with the BBE class win. He never gave me any sign that anything was wrong that entire weekend but within 2 weeks was having surgery to partially remove his huge tumor.


Scotty was a wonderful part of our family. More than a great companion to our daughters, he thought he was one of the kids. Every morning while they would get dressed and get their hair done he would wait, not so patiently, for his turn. Today we gave the girls a new doll each from Scotty. They hugged him with them and put some of his love inside the dolls so that they will always have him with them.


He was fantastic buddy to his grandfather Kirk. We could always find them laying together with at least one paw touching. He was Joe's tv partner--altho Joe would be lucky to actually see any of the tv with Scotty laying across his chest.


He was my lap dog, my tissue stealer, my chatty boy, my boy on a quest to solve the mystery of the toilet, my little man and my Scotty-monster.


We loved him so and he would have stayed longer if we had asked but we could not ask him to. So today we let our beloved Scotty go. I held his head on my lap as I have so many times until he was gone. He left us too soon but he is now off running with Duncan. It is pouring outside and I take some comfort in the fact that Heaven and Earth are crying with me. We will all miss him, but I especially will be lost without my momma's boy.








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