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Our dogs are Mastiffs, sometimes referred to as English Mastiffs. These are NOT american mastiffs! In our opinion the mixed breed mutt called american mastiff is an irresponsible mix of breeds, bred purely for money under the guise of creating a dry-mouth Mastiff.


This "breed" is a mix of an Anatolian Shepherd Dog with a Mastiff. The Anatolian has very strong territorial instincts, is very reserved with strangers and not a dog for a first time dog owner. This is the perfect temperament for the job the dog was bred for. To protect the family and livestock in rural Turkey. To mix the Anatolian with a dog the size of the Mastiff is pure recklessness! If you want a dog with a dry mouth find one without jowls plain and simple.


The "breeders" of this mix cannot know the temperament of their dogs since they don't know what instincts will assert themselves in their breedings. You may wind up with a 200lb dog that cannot be trusted with strangers and is beyond your control and unpredictable. An unpredictable dog of any size is dangerous — but much more so when it is a giant dog. All for trying to get a dry-mouthed dog!


The Anatolian Shepherd

From the AKC standard for the Anatolian Shepherd Dog:

"Responsiveness with animation is not characteristic of the breed. Overhandling would be discouraged."


From the Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America website:

The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is native to the rural districts of Turkey and Asia Minor where it is the shepherd's companion and protector of livestock....The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a fiercely loyal guard dog that demonstrates a possessive attitude towards family, property and livestock. He is suspicious of strangers, reserved when in public and may expect a "formal introduction' before tolerating any familiarities. The Anatolian requires an owner who can be a strong, positive leader who consistently requires civilized behavior. This means SOCIALIZATION! ...The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is affectionate with family and likes well-behaved children. He does not recognize the child as his master and may be protective of his child. Careful supervision of children around the dog is recommended due to the dog's large size and temperament.


The so-called american mastiff is not a breed. It is a cross, a mix, a mutt­ — you choose the word. It is not the gentle giant Mastiff that I have come to know and love. If you want a Mastiff you must deal with the drool — that's the trade-off. Avoid the high priced designer mutts and save a dog from a shelter and put your money into training.


Mastiff Club Of America position on the american mastiff.


Anatolian Shepherd Dog Club of America

Not a breed!


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