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Interested in owning a Mastiff or any dog?

Before making the commitment to add a dog into your family make sure your family lifestyle is compatible with owning a dog at all. If you are a busy household and really only have time for a dog on the weekend we suggest you look for a less demanding pet.


Dogs do not know what day it is and they require as much time and attention on Monday as they do on Saturday.


Realize that you are responsible for ensuring that your dog becomes a good canine citizen. you must train, socialize and keep them healthy for the good of the dog, your family and everyone around you.


We've put together some information we hope will be helpful. But there are plenty of reputable sources for information that can help you decide if a dog is right for you and what breed is the best for your lifestyle. If a puppy isn't for you consider Rescue — every breed has Rescue contacts.


The American Kennel Club (AKC) website has the standards and basic information of all the recognized breeds. Also links to the parent club of each breed and information about local events.


Mastiff Club of America is the parent club for Mastiffs. Their site includes a ton of valuable information including a Breed History and FAQ, links to Regional Clubs and links to Mastiff Rescue groups.



Bones and Pat on the set discussing Mastiffs

AKC video highlighting how breeders are champions for their breeds

AKC has  released a series of videos called "I am a breeder". We participated in one of the segments. So often we see breeders getting a bad rap. The purpose of these videos is to show all the good that breeders do as stewards of their breeds. And to show how much we love our dogs.

Canine Chronicle article

The Mastiff booth at the AKC Meet the Breeds event was featured in an article in the Canine Chronicle.


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