November 4, 1997 – July 10, 2006


With Duncan we were  incredibly lucky. He was purchased poorly. We did not research where we were buying him from and his AKC registration papers wound up being revoked by the AKC when the people involved in his sale were suspended. So we learned the hard way to do our homework. Thankfully, Duncan had a fantastic temperament and was a handsome boy to boot. We could not have asked for a better companion and protector for our children.


Duncan had an extraordinary temperament. His first and best buddy was our French Lop rabbit named Wally. Wally loved Duncan so much he used to push the bones out of Duncan's mouth and place himself in there instead!


Duncan used to accompany Kirk to the dog shows for moral support. Duncan would never let anyone pass him by without stopping to say hello to him. Earning him the title of unofficial Mastiff Mayor. Later, age kept him from the show grounds but he continued to help out at many a rescue table. He was also the dog I took out to do home checks and dog evaluations for rescue. He was our first and best boy.


July 10, 2006


Today we let our dear Duncan go peacefully. We got up this morning and knew it was time, he was so tired from his fight with prostate cancer. We have been talking about how sick he's been with our daughters for sometime to make sure they would be ready. This morning I told them Duncan might not be here when they got home. Veronica (5.5) ran downstairs to hug and kiss him and because she had something very important to tell him. She said "Look for Wally and tell him I said hello. And don't worry because Wally is waiting for you." Then she gave him four kisses and four hugs. Morgan (3.5) also gave special hugs and kisses before heading off to Grandma's.


For those that don't remember Wally, he was our french lop rabbit and for 4 yrs he and Duncan were best friends. I have to find pictures of those two lunatics together--it was pre-digital camera time--and add them to Duncan's web page.


We have to thank Duncan for being the best dog we could have ever hoped for and for making us all that we are in mastiffs to this point.


Because of Duncan we began to go to dog shows to find other mastiff people and joined the fancy.


Because of Duncan we had to get another mastiff to play with him--a bunny just wasn't enough--and so Kirk came.


Because of Duncan we did a lot of research (thru trial and error) on proper training.


Because of Duncan we began to do a ton of breed education--mostly because he would never let anyone who even looked in his direction pass by without stopping for a hello and then came the inevitable questions.


Because of Duncan we became very active in rescue when we realized education just wasn't enough. He was the perfect evaluator of homes and dogs.


Because of Duncan we have learned so much about mastiff health.


Because of Duncan we become part of a large community that we really cherish.


Because of Duncan we have made changes in our lives that really define us and I do not know where we would be now if he had never found us.


Because of Duncan today we have a huge hole in our lives but we know he will be waiting for us with a grunt and sigh.


We are so thankful for every moment we had with him. We are so glad that we chose Dunkirk as a kennel name so that every dog we have hereafter will have a part of Duncan with them always. A small way to show the world how because of Duncan we are what we are.


He was Joe's to the very end and as he was leaving us he lifted his head and placed it in Joe's lap. We love and will miss our dear Duncan always.never forget everything she did for us but we know it was time for her to rest. Thank you so much Miss Bonnie-Bons for every moment you spent with us.








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