Bonnie  CH Ironclad Celestl. Bernadette




July 24, 1998 – June 23, 2009

AKC Registration: WP87377404

(CH Acorn Hill Uther Pendragon

x Iron Hills Ironclad Alibi)



Miss Bonnie is an absolutely love of a girl. And like her renowned sister Ivana she is gorgeous. Owned by Eileen Durante, she came to live with us when poor Kirk was left alone after the loss of both Duncan and Scotty. She certainly raised his spirits and ours. She has become the queen of our household and is loved by all!


Pure and simply perfect type. A large-boned deep-bodied girl with massive head. She earned her Championship title very quickly at a young age and went on to produce 9 lovely children. Sadly her show career was ended by an emergency spay before we got a chance to special her. I am sure she would have risen to nationally ranked status if given the chance.


June 23, 2009


Today, sadly, we let Miss Bonnie go.

Bonnie came to us just when we needed her, after the loss of both Duncan and Scotty. She raised Kirk's spirits as well as ours. She moved right in and became the Queen of the household. Whenever anyone entered the room she would stamp a foot and woof "Hey come pet me!" My daughters instantly fell in love with her, Morgan in particular. More often than not, I would find my youngest daughter curled up on the couch with Bonnie. During the day, while the girls were at school, she would snuggle up with Kirk always keeping a watchful ear. But don't think Bonnie did nothing but hold down the couch! She came with us to Meet the Breed events and any local dog shows--she never wanted to be left behind. I am sure she remembered her own show days and she enjoyed the trips. But in recent weeks it became clear that our Grande Dam was starting to fade away. She was just getting tired and her age was catching up to her.


Yesterday the girls picked out special Webkinz that named after her-- Bonnie Beaver and Cherry Blossom Bonnie. They sat and hugged Bonnie with the  dolls to get some of Bonnie's love inside so they would always have it close by. This morning Bonnie laid on the front lawn and waited for the school buses with the girls. Veronica sang our "Kirkus McGurkus" song to Bonnie. Bonnie's line goes "Bonnie's the Queen Bee, she woofs Hey come pet me!" Both girls gave her special hugs and kisses knowing that she wouldn't be there when they got home.


When Bonnie first came to live with us she was 9 and I remember telling the girls "We don't know how long we will have Bonnie but we will make the time she spends us as happy as we can make it be for her". We are getting ready to bring a new pup home on Sunday and it occurs to me that not only did Bonnie come to us just when we needed her but she stayed with us for as long as we needed her to. You can't ask anymore of a dog than that.


We have to thank Eileen for letting Bonnie come to live with us! She raised Miss Bonnie from puppyhood to the wonderful old lady that she became. She knows how much her time with us meant to us so I have thank her for sharing her. I know today is as hard for her as it is for us.


We loved her so and she deserves all the tears we've shed today and the ones we'll shed in the coming days. We will never forget everything she did for us but we know it was time for her to rest. Thank you so much Miss Bonnie-Bons for every moment you spent with us.








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